Can I write in smart TV by using writing pad in classroom?

Talking about digital pads, we have a lot of trouble buying a digital pad or digital board that we can trust, there is a lot of work companies on this field that become the products of this type, but we have brought some good and well known company for you Online reading and writing provides a digital pad or board that solves your problem to a great extent.

We have brought some excellent digital pads for you, which will help your children to get online, we all know that due to Corona-19 at the moment, it has become impossible for children to go to school, so we should also move towards digital online. It is necessary to increase and digital pads will be required for this and we have brought some selected digital pads for you.


Interactive teaching pad

The interactive learning pad is like a portable interactive whiteboard that allows the teacher to give lessons while sitting in one place or walking around the classroom.

It is also widely known as teaching slate; Which has become a very popular tool in the teacher community for its use in digital classrooms, virtual classrooms, YouTube tutors.

Interactive learning pads are widely known as wireless learning slates or pen touch displays; Which has become a very popular tool in the teacher community for its very useful use in digital classrooms, distance learning sessions, e-learning lectures.

This digital slate can be integrated with computers or laptops and smart TVs. With the help of this interactive learning tablet; A teacher can write remotely on interactive whiteboards, LED displays, projector screens, etc.

Usually, a teacher can write a problem using this slate and pass it on to the student to solve the problem without the student having to stand in front of the class.


Or you can also have your children with a smart digital pad, and then these kids can also connect and write on the smart TV and laptop and can also write with this digital pad.

Interactive learning pads open up new possibilities of interaction inside classrooms and increase student participation more and more.

1st. Option

01. LG TR3BF Series Digital Smart Board 

LG Company is a company that is not interested in any identity in the whole world and no one can raise a finger on its product whether their product is bad or their service center is not here

Their service center is also everywhere, irrespective of the country and their products are already in the market. Talk about the TR3BF series so the digital pad can use it like a smart TV. Its size is available in 75, 9, 75 inches market.

LG TR3BF Series Digital Smart Board


True Interactivity for Bringing People Together

With differentiated cutting-edge touch technology, the TR3BF Series supports multi-touch & writing functions providing accurate drawing and authentic touch quality. In addition, the Air Class and web browsers support multi-directional communication and interactive learning, which will help you achieve the successful business.


Multi Touch & Writing

The TR3BF Series can simultaneously use up to 20 points of multitouch and 10 points of writing, as well as 2 types of stylus pens. This function offers a lifelike board writing experience and makes collaboration much easier


Palm erasing

The TR3BF Series allows you to easily erase texts, pictures, etc, written on the screen by using your own hands. This is not only easier than erasing with the stylus, but also makes you feel more natural, like you're erasing a real whiteboard.


Air Class

Air Class supports connecting up to 30 students and offers interactive meetings for all mobile devices on the same network, providing a variety of tools such as voting, answering, and sharing project texts.


Screen Sharing

The TR3BF Series allows you to share screens and content with laptops and other mobile devices. This makes meetings and classes as efficient and immersive as possible.


Built-in OPS kit

The TR3BF Series supports OPS slots, allowing you to easily and conveniently mount OPS desktop at the back of the digital board without the hassle of connecting to an external desktop, offering you more expanded functions.


Web browser

The TR3BF Series can use the Chrome web browser which is built into the Android OS, so you can search the web easily and quickly, without the need to connect to an external desktop.


All-in one

The TR3BF Series integrates both Android and Note Apps into a high performance SoC, without a PC.


Various size with Ultra HD

Using UHD resolution will allow you to view details at a resolution that is four times higher than FHD, even while zoomed in. Various content such as documents, images, and videos are displayed without any distortion of image quality, which is especially important in an educational and collaborating environment.


True Color, Immersive View

The TR3BF Series shows multimedia content for the attendees more vividly. The IPS panel clearly displays content at various angles, regardless of where attendees are sitting. Each pixel of the IPS panel reproduces the actual image's color without any distortion.

Installation Support Website

Price :  2180 to 320 Dollar 

2nd Option

02. Huion HS611 Graphics Drawing Tablet Android Supported Pen Tablet Tilt Function 2020 

Huion HS611 Graphics Drawing Tablet Android Supported Pen Tablet Tilt Function 2020

Battery-Free Stylus 8192 Pen Pressure with 8 Multimedia Keys 10 Express Keys and Touch Strip(Starry Blue)

*Innovative 8 Multimedia Keys - HS611 is the first pen tablet equipped with multimedia keys, the 8 multimedia keys are ergonomically designed on the upper side of the pen tablet, which helps to maximize productivity. Features included: volume mute/down/up, previous play/pause/next, switch between softwares/switch to the desktop. It is a great choice for video editors and people who like to listen to music while creating.

*10 Programmable Press Keys and Touch Strip - 10 programmable press keys can be customized in the Huion driver and Huion sketch app. The added programmable touch strip can easily zoom in or out your canvas. Type-C plug, easily plug in and out with either direction which is more convenient and stable.

*Ultra-thin & Large Working Area - The HS611 drawing tablet is only 7.3mm thick and weigh 550g. It is the thinnest tablet on the market, easy to carry the tablet around. 6.35x10.17 inch(161.5x258.4 mm) sufficient working surface, provides you a carefree drawing experience. The dot grid cover specifies the working area and thus improves the accuracy of work. From head to toe, from cracks to nooks, HS611 is all in the same color, even the pen matches the color.

*Battery-free Stylus - PW500 battery-free digital pen with 266PPS report rate and 8192 pressure sensitivity level provides you nature and smooth lines. ±60°tilt support imitate real brush strokes, which offers you a more realistic drawing experience.

*Android & PC Supported - Compatible with Android 6.0 or above, Windows 7 or above, mac OS 10.12 or above. Only mobile phone and tablet powered by Android 6.0 or above are supported. NOTE: The cursor will not show up in SAMSUNG devices at present, except SAMSUNG Note Series. It is compatible with most major software including: Photoshop, SAI, Illustrator, Clip Studio, Huion sketch, FlipaClip, Medibang, Autodesk Sketchbook, Zenbrush and more.

Huion HS611 Graphics Drawing Tablet Android Supported Pen Tablet Tilt Function 2020


1. HS611 is not a stand alone product!

  • HS611 must be connected to a computer or Android devices to use.

2. Connection

  • Please make sure completely plug USB cable into the tablet. When you need to connect the tablet to mobile phone, please use the OTG adapter and operate following to the user manual.

3. Driver Download and Installation

  • Driver Download: Our driver will be regularly updated, so please go to Huion official web to download the newest driver, and install it on your computer.

3.1 For Windows Users:

  • Please make sure there is no other brands driver on computer and close all drawing program before installation. (IMPORTANT) Please run as administrator when installing the driver.

3.2 For Mac Mojave (10.14), Catalina (10.15) Users:

  • Our driver is compatible with Mac OS Mojave (10.14) and Catalina (10.15), please install the newest released driver on your computer and add the "HuionTablet" and "TabletDriverAgent" into the whitelist first after installed the driver.

4. HUION Tech Support

  • If you have any problems with the HS611, please check the Quick Guide and search Huion online to find a way to ask us for further assistance, we are always ready to help you! (Installation Support Website)


The Samsung Note series can display the cursor after setting, other series will not. The cursor will not show up in following models:

  • Nexus 6 /Google
  • Galaxy S6 /Samsung
  • Galaxy S7 edge /Samsung
  • Galaxy S7 /Samsung
  • Galaxy Tab S2 /Samsung
  • Galaxy S8 /Samsung
  • Galaxy S9 /Samsung
  • Galaxy S10, S10e /Samsung

Battery-free Stylus PW500

  • Work with battery-free stylus PW500, say goodbye to charging cables. With 8192 pen pressure, 266 PPS, 5080 LPI makes every stroke more fluent.
  • ±60°tilt support ensures lifelike rendering of shading added to your works, without compromising the delicacy of each line input.

10 Programmable Press Keys

  • Combination of 10 press keys are available for shortcut setup, which will outstandingly contribute to your work efficiency.
  • The Huion driver allows the shortcut keys to be attuned to many different software.

USB-C Interface

  • The foolproof Type-C interface ensures easy and fast connection, which will further optimize user-experience.
  • For an Android phone/tablet connection, the work area will be 161.5 x 90.1mm. ONLY mobile phone and tablet powered by Android 6.0 or above are supported.Choose the most comfortable way you like creat.

Larger and Thinner

  • With 7.3mm of thickness the HS611 allows you to easily put it in your backpack.
  • With 550g lightweight body and a durable loop to hold the pen, the HS611 will turn your idea of outdoor drawing into reality by connecting the Android devices.

User-friendly Design

  • Anti-slip rubbers on the back can prevent the tablet from dropping easily down when you focus on drawing.
  • Only 550g and 7.3mm thickness, easy to carry. Added pen holder directly improving the look and touch and bring you convenience.

Package Contents

  1. HUION HS611 Tablet(Starry Blue)
  2. Battery-free Pen PW500
  3. Pen Holder PH03
  4. Pen Nibs x 8
  5. Nib Clip
  6. OTG Adapter (Micro USB)
  7. OTG Adapter (USB-C)
  8. USB-C Cable
  9. Quick Start Guide

3rd Option

03. HUION WH1409 Wireless Graphic Drawing Tablet 8192 Pen Pressure Pen Tablet with 12 Press Keys

HUION WH1409 Wireless Graphic Drawing Tablet 8192 Pen Pressure Pen Tablet with 12 Press Keys


This famous pad of writing pad huion has made this pad, which many people like, its weight is 1100 grams, which is very low and it also has a hardware interface usb and this manufacturer shenZhen Huion Animation Technology did it The special thing in this is that its battery has been given 1 lithium ion battery. Yes, you may find it a bit expensive in terms of budget, but the product is said to be quite good in terms of experts. And it also works on window 7.

it supports a lot of programs like Ps, Ai, Br, Pr, Ae, Fw, FI, Lr, Id & More this is also mostly its special feature. Its not the same thing, but its large working screen (13.8x.8.6inches), which makes it feel better while working, is very good in working.

(Installation Support Website)

Pros : (The Good)

  • large work screen (13.8x8.6)
  • 2.4 GHz Wireless
  • 12 Programmable Express KLeys
  • 2000mAh Lithium-Ion Battery
  • 1 year warranty

Cons : (The Bad) 

  • A little expensive

Package Contents

  • Huion WH1409 Graphics Drawing Tablet
  • USB Wireless Receiver
  • USB Cable
  • Rechargeable Pen P80
  • Pen Charging Cable
  • Pen Holder(8 pen nibs and 1 removal ring inside)
  • User Manual
  • Clean Cloth

What is digital pad or pen?

A digital pen is a battery-operated writing tool that allows the user to take a note or a handwritten drawing. Typically, a digital pen comes with a Universal Serial Bus (USB) bed to allow the user to upload handwritten notes to a personal computer (PC), Laptop and Smart TV Board. The pen looks like a standard ballpoint pen and can be used as such, but requires a special digital paper if the user wishes to photograph it is not numerical. A sheet of digital paper, which can be purchased with a traditional pad or a sticky note size, has small dots on it that allow the pen to "see" the text.

Here's how it works: When the user has finished typing in his digital paper, he puts a marker in the "save" box. The pen vibrates or strikes to make sure it knows that the box has been checked and that the user has finished with that page and wishes to keep it. Normally, a digital pen can hold up to 40 pages of digital paper stored in its memory. Only supervised pages will be saved. Most pens store handwritten data such as an image file (GIF or JPEG, depending on the pen maker) even though some digital pens use a proprietary file format. When a user wants to upload his or her saved notes to the pen, he or she places the pen on its USB bed. This birth automatically checks the presence of the pen, opens the corresponding application on the user's PC, and transfers the saved files to a specific folder.

Many digital pens come with handwritten software that allows the user to import their handwritten notes into typed text. Some of the new high-tech digital pens are wireless, using Bluetooth technology. These pens do not require a port, but instead send notes or drawings directly to the user's PC or mobile phone.

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