Top 5 Future Technology 2020 For Business : upcoming technology in india 2020

New technology trends that will affect businesses in 2020

Here are our latest technology trends that will increase your business efficiency this year.

Technology trends that can significantly affect your business
Let's start with 3. Questions -

Q1) Do you have a digitally mature workforce to take care of customized products and services that adapt to constantly changing realities?

Q) Are you ready to adopt new digital technologies?

Q.3) Does your business have a strong base for SMAC (social, mobile, analytics and cloud) to incorporate the latest technological trends that drive the post-digital wave?

These are the 3 important questions you need to ask yourself as an entrepreneur before formulating the upcoming technologies of 2020.

According to the IDC Worldwide Seminal Digital Transformation Guide, global annual spending on technologies and services is forecasted as $ 2.3 trillion.
Spending on digital transformation (DX) is at an estimated compound annual growth rate of 17.1% for a period of five years (2019–23). Digital worlds related to digital realities
Products and services will be hyper-personalized. And to understand this, we will need a technology vision that meets the needs of constantly changing demand experiences.

Latest technology trends

In a digital eco-system that is transitioning from SMAC to distributed laser and quantum computing, where does your business stand? To understand this question, we have brought
Latest technology trends that you can incorporate into your business.To understand such questions, we have come up with the latest technology trends that you can incorporate into your business

 .Future Technology for business

Content table

1. New Technical Trends for 2020

2. 5G network

3. AI Products - For Ease of Life

4. Instant market

5. Automation

6. Medical upgrade

What's next in technology?

Latest Technology Trends for 2020 If you are still thinking about the next technological latest, be sure to take a look at some of the new technological trends hand-picked by our experts.

1. 5G Technology - For a Boon for Businesses in 2020

The term 5G 'has been the subject of discussion for almost half a decade and since it has rolled out, it has certainly revolutionized, like its predecessors, in a way. The arrival of 5G is one of the most esoteric new upcoming technologies that could impact businesses in 2020. Many industry experts have said

As the future of 5G communication and to a large extent, this is true.

"5G will support a 1,000-fold gain in wireless network capacity, connections to at least 100 billion devices and a 10 Gb / s secondary user experience

Low latency and response time, as stated by Huawei. "Deployment of these networks will be revealed between 2020 and 2030."

The most important thing about 5G will be its speed which is expected to be seen at 20 GB / s. Now, how fast are we discussing? Let us take an example. Suppose you download (approximately) 5 GB of DVD content at an average of 50 MB / s. It will take about 13 minutes. Now it will take hardly 2 seconds
Some notable goals of 5G technology include
Amplified broadband for mobile communication
Object-specific changes with increased connectivity
Unlimited scope for IoT enhancement
Increased flexibility and support
However, for everyday mobile users to pick up this speed, mobile network carriers will need to increase bandwidth and reduce network costs. Also, adopt LTE
It is not expected to expire by 2020 and is projected to reach $ 672 billion.
The introduction of 5G opens up a large-scale playground where later technologies will achieve their own benefits. Self-propelled cars, VR / MR / MR like trends, Strong Smart
Cities, etc. strengthen the foundations for 'what's next in technology'.

2. Autonomous driving - an easy, safe driverless drive

You should be made aware of companies like Tesla, Alphabet and Waymo, and one of the things they have in common is their purpose, which is to craftimpeccable Autonomous vehicle. The idea of ​​a driverless car by itself creates a lot of excitement.
Tesla and SpaceX founder and head Elon Musk already have futuristic designs for autonomous vehicles and aim to go big in the industry. During an interview, Elon said,
 "From our point of view, if you fast for a year, maybe a year and three months, but to be sure the next year, we have more than a million robo-taxis on the road."
Functions such as automated braking, lane-changing, and automation of other in-car systems are on their way to being streamlined with guidance for data capture and analytics.

Technology Trends

However, Gartner analyst Mike Ramsey thinks differently, which is undoubtedly a point,
"The idea that you can have a vehicle that can make complex decisions for complete self-driving is simply not plausible at this point."
There is still time for amendments of laws for autonomous driving by legislators, regulators and officials. At that, the current would require a significant turn
 We can embrace autonomous vehicles in current technology trends in information technology before infrastructure, law, and social perspectives. But none of these is determinant
May rule out the possibility of autonomous vehicles in 2020.

2. AI Products - For the Year of Life

Artificial technology or AI is not a new term in the IT-sector, but now there are even more verticals of AI that are shaping industries globally and this is finally making technology features among the top IT trends today.
In 2020, air technology trends, including products like Ultiago, mind-reading wearables, and citizen robots like Sofia, will get bigger AI technology in 2020. Companies like Domino and Doordarshan are already experimenting with drone and robot delivery.

future technology for business in 2020

Although currently, these latest emerging technologies are still fraught with glitches that endanger human safety, given their enormous potential, AI supplements are bound to become a technology trend in 2020.

3. Momentary Markets - For the Transformation of Customer Analytics and Advertising

Real-time opportunities to capture "transient markets" changed the face of customer analytics and advertising in a difficult way to visualize. As digital realities become more sophisticated and limited to a specific reality of each moment, global technology trends will align towards more customized and on-demand experiences to meet customer needs.

To do this, businesses will need to combine real-time analytics capabilities with sophisticated back-end systems to continuously change customer needs. This, coupled with constantly updating digital demographics, will open new avenues for businesses to have new customers.

4. Automation - for advancement in analytics

One of the hottest emerging trends in information technology, automation aims to grow people and boost business operations. It combines packaged software, machine learning, and automation tools to deliver results. Over the next few years, automation of data science will help scientists brainstorm on advanced analytics.

future technology for business in 2020

For example, businesses in retail will need to compete with cashier-less AMAZON GO stores. Automation has already welcomed cashier-less AMAZON GO stores in the US, but according to CNBC, the number of cashier-less AMAZON GO stores will increase to 3,000 by 2021.

The algorithm is displacing about 3% to 30% of jobs from mid-2020 to mid-2020.
Augmentation increases these percentages more as technology improves itself.
A wave of autonomy predicted on the surface in the mid-2030s.

5. Medical Upgrade - The rise of 3D printing

A much anticipated technology trend in 2020 will be the sophistication of technology upgrades in the medical field. 3D printing will open a new business of advanced prostheses as many universities are expanding their research into 3D printing of bionic body parts.

For example, scientists at Princeton University in New Jersey have printed a "bionic ear" in 3D that can "hear" radio frequencies beyond the limits of normal human ability.

Latest trend in technology

Similarly, telemedicine and virtual diagnostics powered by AI and AR will require businesses to recreate their business models in medicine.

latest trend in technology

6. Digital Debit - Increase in adoption of digital transactions

Facebook's cryptocurrency project Libra is expected to be completely phased out and in sync with government regulations by 2020. As cryptocurrencies use strong credibility and digital payment systems such as Google Pay and Amazon Pay, traditional banking will lose its base.

In 2020, traditional banks will hold more value, but businesses will need to create more adoption space for growing digital transaction sources. It is no coincidence that banks such as Bank of America are collecting blockchain patents.

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