Organic farming in 2020

All information related to organic farming 2020

Organic farming in 2020

Organic farming has been going on since ancient times in India, earlier, along with agriculture, cow farming was also done, the proof of which is Prabhu Krishna ji and Balaram ji in our texts which we also know as Gopal and Haladhar i.e. And cow rearing was jointly very beneficial, which was very useful for animal and environment and this traditional farming is done in India till independence. After the explosion of population, there was pressure to increase production in the country, due to which the country took up agricultural farming. Moved towards and now its bad results are coming out as we are telling you.

Chemical farming is harmful as well as very expensive studies, which increases the cost of crop production, for this, the country is moving again to organic farming because organic farming farming method is cheaper, self-sustainable and sustainable than chemical agriculture. Let us know what is organic farming and why farmers should do organic farming.

What is organic farming

How soil health improves with the help of earthworm
We all know very well that earthworms found in the earth are very useful to humans. Earthworms found in the soil eat the residues and organic matter of the trees and plants in the field and convert them into small tablets which serve as native manure for the plants. From this earthworm, manure can be prepared for several hectares in 2-3 months. To prepare this compost, earthworm, soil and weed are required, which is easily available. Let us know how earthworms make the soil health of your farm.

The usefulness of earthworms in organic farming

To increase soil fertility and crop production
Bio-culture enhances the digestion of plant residues in the soil, which increases soil fertility and crop production efficiency. Often, fertilizer cannot be used in pulses crops because the rhizobium culture in the roots of pulses is Is found Rhizobium is not found in the roots of the plants of the crop which take nitrogen from the atmosphere and supplies nutrients for themselves. What can be done to meet the need of nitrogen by using the root of pulses in other crops?

Organic Fertilizer / Fertilizer Culture

How farmers should register and sell organic farming
If the farmer tries to do organic farming, he should get the organic registration done because the farmer gets very little value of the crop due to the lack of organic registration. Because you do not have any document to tell this to any customer or businessman to tell which crop is organic or chemical. Therefore, Kisan Samadhan has brought complete information about registration of organic. In which the farmer was 1300 - 1400. You can get registration of one hectare by spending. Know the complete process of registration.

Registration for certification of organic farming

Make organic manure at home like this
Due to the use of excessive chemical fertilizers and pesticides, costs and diseases are increasing in agriculture. Organic agriculture has to be adopted to reduce costs and prevent diseases. For this, it is necessary that the farmer should start making native pesticides instead of fertilizer and indigenous pesticides instead of chemical fertilizers at home, for this, the farmer should come up with a method to make pesticides and pesticides. That is why farmers have come to learn the method of making compost and pesticides. Today in this episode, information has been brought about making liquid organic manure from cow dung, good and go urine.

How to make liquid organic manure at home

Learn how to make organic manure 
How to protect crops from diseases and pests using organic farming method?
There is a pest infestation in any crop that is cultivated. Due to pest there is a lot of damage to the crop, which adversely affects the production. It is necessary to control this pest. | Therefore, in this regard, how to control pests in the biological way, learn for your personality farmers have brought the information. This pesticide is made from tamarind tree bark, mahua, tobacco and neem oil. Which is easily available and also cheaper.

How to make pesticides and medicines for organic farming?

Does organic farming have nutrients equivalent to chemical fertilizers?
The production of the crop depends on the quantity of nutrients, nitrogen, phosphorus and potash in the soil. When the soil is deficient in nutrients, it is given outside. This nutrient is easily found in the chemical, but due to the higher price, production cost of the crop increases. For this, organic manure should be used. In organic manure, it is important to know which amount of nitrogen, phosphorus and potash in which manure is needed. Therefore, learn for your personality has brought information about nutrients in all fertilizers.

Nutrient content in organic manure

How to Cultivate Vegetables Organically?
How to Cultivate Vegetables Organically The demand for organic greens and vegetables is very high. It also costs more. For this, it is necessary that the manure and pesticides used in vegetables should be dung manure, earthworm manure and other types of organic manure. Fertilizers and pesticides can be easily made by farmers in their home, they can produce organic greens and vegetables. Learn for your personality has brought complete information about the cultivation of organic greens and vegetables. Which can be earned by adopting good profits or crops?

How to cultivate vegetables in an organic way?

Where are the registrations done for organic farming?
The farmer should register organic farming. Due to which good value of food grains and fruits can be obtained. The central government or the state government has started giving certification for organic farming. For this, a government institution has been opened in the state. Apart from this, cooperation of private institutions has also been taken for the whole country. This institution gives organic credentials to any farmer with rules. The names of all these institutions and its office leaf and telephone number are given.

About companies that register organic products 

Paddy crop is very important in India. Paddy is cultivated in almost all the states.Paddy cultivation can be done in a completely organic way. This method of paddy is called Madagascar method. By organic farming, you can not only increase the yield of paddy but also reduce its cost.

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