Millionaire Farmer: He sends his cumin cultivation to America - Japan, which also costs 40 crores.

Cumin cultivation was started on 2 bigha field and today there is a turnover of more than 60 crores!

Yogesh's family wanted him to prepare for a government job, but Yogesh opted for farming and started organic farming of cumin along with 6-7 farmers.

Yogesh's family wanted him to prepare for a government job, but Yogesh opted for farming and started organic farming of cumin along with 6-7 farmers.

This success story is of a young farmer in Jalore district of Rajasthan whose family wanted this government job, but he was determined

That he was seeing his future in farming itself. The name of this young farmer is Yogesh Joshi, who, despite understanding his father Bhikharam and uncle Popatlal for millions of times, did not mind and got involved in organic farming.

Interest in Yogesh's cultivation arose during his studies. Yogesh did his diploma in organic farming after graduation. As a result, his interest in farming woke up, but the householders wanted that Yogesh government job

Prepare for They were also told that if the hobby of farming has increased, then agriculture should become agriculture supervisor and serve the farmers, do not take the risk of farming directly as a farmer.

Yogesh says

“I started farming in 2009. I was the first person from home who took such bold but risky steps. Telling me exactly I do not regret that in the first phase of farming my hands were only disappointed. ”

Since there was not much environment for organic farming at that time, Yogesh initially focused on which produce should be planted in the area which would be more profitable, market demand which is more. He came to know that cumin is called a cash crop and the yield is also bumper, he decided to grow it. Organized cumin seeds in 2 bigha fields, they failed but did not lose courage.

Beginning with the introduction of organic farming only after explaining 6-8 farmers, Yogesh's initial path was not easy, but the farmers associated with him were not even sure that farming could be possible without adding urea, DAP, pesticides. The In such a situation, Yogesh gave Dr. Arun K. Agri, a scientist of Kajri based in Jodhpur. Contacted Sharma, he came to his village Sanchore and trained in organic farming. First

At times, these farmers succeeded in cumin crops.

At one point of time, beginning with 7 farmers with great difficulty has taken huge shape today.

There are more than 3000 Kishno associated with Yogesh today. His turn over in 2009 was Rs 10 lakh. The annual turnover of his firm ‛Rapid Organic Pvt.

Is also more. Today all these farmers are striving for chemical free farming by engaging with a dedicated sense of organic agriculture.

These days a Hyderabad-based company has entered into an agreement with these farmers for contract farming of 400 tonnes of Kinova in their own fields. In this farming, everything from seeds to fertilizers are providing these farmers. On the whole it is buyback farming, with agreement.

Now as Yogesh and 3000 farmers associated with him are moving forward, seeing them, other farmers are also excited to join them. Where earlier farmers used to shrug in the name of participation, now they are eager to join themselves. The 1000 farmers of Yogesh's team have been certified organic for the last 6-7 years. Another 1000 farmers are currently in conversion-2, with the last 1000 farmers going through C-3 phase.

They Tell, 
  "Everyone takes biological certification seriously
It was recommended to take training related to organic farming and not to take the fine details of farming. The company borne the expenses of the farmers' organic certification. "

A US company is associated with them on the same lines. The company's first condition is that the produce should be chemical free.

Today, this group of farmers is doing organic farming of all the crops that are easily available in western Rajasthan including cumin seeds, coriander, coriander, fenugreek, sua, kalonji, kinova, wheat, millet, mustard. The firm 'Rapid Organic' is the first company in the country to enter the trade fair with cumin.

Joshi, who intends to turn over a billion rupees in collaboration with his farmer brothers in the near future, is going to form FPO soon. 'Rapid Organic' will also buy goods from this FPO. There is a plan to distribute the remaining profits to the farmers after taking out the expenses.

Every year, with the help of CSR, they are spending 10 to 20 lakhs for the farmers as well as medical camps, education etc. for their children.

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