Israel Vegetable Farming in 2020

Vertical farming has been becoming popular since the last few years, in Israel, it is also being cultivated using it.

Vertical Farming

Food supply in the world has always been challenging. Research is also being done on techniques to increase agricultural production. At the same time, a technique is getting the attention of people especially in cities. This technique is Vertical Farming, ie the walls have to be cultivated, this technique is gradually becoming very popular in the world. In Israel, it is being used exclusively for farming.

Are very suitable for lack of land

There is no shortage of land for agriculture, but in countries like Israel, there is a shortage of land, people have decided to do vertical farming to get rid of this problem. It is emerging as a new business for modern agriculture. More than half of the world's population is in cities from which farms are located far away. In cities, the attention of people is going more on this technology.

Best Vertical Farming

Many types of solutions made attractive

The technique of vertical farming is quite economical in those areas where water problems persist and we can also make the wall of your house a beautiful opportunity or opportunity to make a small farm. We and the house feel even more attracted. Many people use the wall of their house as decoration through this and you and some others to grow vegetables of their choice through it. In this method, apart from grains like wheat, rice, many kinds of vegetables can also be grown on big walls.

Best Vartical Farming

How does this technique work?

In the simplest form of this technique, such an arrangement is made on the wall so that the plants are planted in separate small pots and are systematically placed on the wall in such a way that they do not fall. There is a special kind of drop irrigation system for their irrigation, through which these plants have been watered in a controlled manner and this has controlled the amount of water given to the plants, saving water is also quite Is more. In this way the entire irrigation system is also controlled through computer. Yes, it is definitely that these plants are planted on the wall only at a particular time, that is, when slightly developed.

Very beneficial in urban areas

People are especially liking this method for gardening in their homes. Its environment is also very beneficial. The most important thing is that it can bring a lot of greenery in urban areas. It uses water in a very economical way, which is much better than traditional gardening. Plants on the wall do not increase the temperature of the house and it maintains moisture in the surrounding environment. This also reduces the effect of noise pollution.

Vertical farming techniques?

The most talked about technologies in vertical farming are hydroponics, aquaponics and aeronautics. Soil is not used in hydroponics technique and without that plants are grown by planting in a solution. Aeronautics has the potential to grow plants only in the air. Aroponics is currently seen in very little use, but people's interest in hydroponics or aquaponics is increasing.

This method is spreading rapidly in large urban areas of America, Europe, Australia, Israel, China, Korea, Japan and India.But the biggest challenge with this technology is to be expensive. Especially the initial cost of this technique comes very high. But even then, its popularity in urban areas is increasing rapidly.

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